October 28, 2013


As I have some men visiting my blog, I decided to dedicate a blogpost to them by talking about... men fashion!

I am aware that most of you are not exactly into fashion but I'm sure you guys want to look fashionable as well! I talked about fall trends for women before, so lets talk fall trends for men now. The Business Insider sent out their street style photographer to snap the stylish men of the streets of Florence, Milan, and Paris during the Fall 2013 shows and discovered the top 7 most popular trends of this season. Since I didn't think most of you would understand these highly fashionable pictures (I don't even get them always) I looked up some more casual pictures which go well with the top 7 fall trends of 2013.. even asked my boyfriend to help me pick out some of the pics! I believe these 7 trends can be appreciated by any men and can be put together effortlessly. So next time you go shopping keep an eye out for pieces according to the following trends:


For those who don't know what burgundy means: it is a dark red, wine-ish looking colour, which definitely dominated the catwalks this year. From pants to sweaters and from jackets to shoes and accessories, burgundy hues are setting a tone of richness, sophistication and strength that translates all the way from the suiting to the casual wear.


Personally not my most favourite trend of the season, but I guess it can look cool if worn in a proper way. Last year the trend was a flop, so this year the the print was reinvented with different colour patterns, shapes, and pieces. We find the print appearing on backpacks, pants, ties, scarves, shoes and even underwear.


All right let's do some serious talk now. If you want to impress a girl there is no need to waste your time on trying to look like a superstar. All you need is some plaid. I'm serious, look at Don Draper from Mad Men he often wears plaid and  he looks sophisticated, confident, intelligent, and sexy in it so no wonder he has so many mistresses ;). This season plaid will be especially added through accessories like socks, scarves, bags, ties, hats and even spotted in the lining of jackets.


This trend doesn't force you to buy new clothes, it simply requests you to roll up those jeans and you are good to go. Combine your pants with some coloured, pattered, or printed socks to make this look fun and dynamic.


Last year this trend made a bit of a debut and reappeared to be popular yet again this year. The leather has adapted sharp cuts and strong lines to emphasize its rocker rebirth. It doesn't matter whether you wear something that is entirely made of leather or that only has some leather details. I happened to find only sort of suitable pictures of men wearing black outfits, but of course for this trend you don't have to wear all black, only the leather has to be black.


The statement scarf is a very popular accessory for this fall. Bold prints, solid colours, or a mix, it doesn't matter as long as you make a statement with it. So don't go buy some boring scarf to hide under your coat, because a statement scarf is a way to finish of your outfit.


And lastly, backbacks have really been making a comeback over the past years. I'm not talking about some basic Eastpak or Jansport pack which you might have carried across high school, but a real statement backpack which stands out with a bold print or design.

If you want some more inspiration you can check out these nice pages about men fashion:

Or you can check out my men's fashion Pinterst board.

 I hope this information will help you out on your next shopping trip!

October 24, 2013


Some weeks ago I was at River Island with my boyfriend, and while waiting in line for the checkout I saw this amazing little faux leather skirt hanging right next to the checkout. I ditched my stuff in my boyfriends hands and ran over to the skirt only to find there was no size even close to my mine available any more. I've been to the store multiple times ever since, but they don't seem to be receiving them any more so I decided yesterday to see if I could buy it online.. and guess what? Sold out. AWESOME! Even Asos doesn't sell it any more which was quite a bummer. I so badly want it!

Luckily I have a really sweet mother who knows a bit about sowing, and  made me a copy of the skirt herself today! I'm so exited to receive it this weekend and see how it fits!! I made up 3 different looks with the leather skirt that are suitable for this fall. You probably would want to combine it with a thick pair of tights ;) Oh and the picture of the skirt, I got it some time ago of the website.. when I still thought I would find it in store to safe shipping costs.

Fall outfits, leather skirt
Look 1: 1. Topshop (sold out) // 2. Matchbookmag // 3. Ginatricot // 4. Forever21 // 5. Asos
Look 2: 1. Mango // 2. Asos // 3. Weekday // 4.  H&M // 5. Sasha
Look 3: 1. Asos // 2. Asos // 3. Mango // 4. Baublebar // 5. River Island

Do you like these looks, or would you wear the leather skirt (if at all) very differently?

October 22, 2013


Have you noticed how popular exposed brick walls are lately? I see them everywhere and the more I see them, the more I love them! They give spaces a lot of character and charm. Me and my boyfriend are totally sold on the idea of having a brick wall in a future place.. but let's get any place first to begin with..

The exposed brick walls became popular in the late '90's as many people found it far less expensive to leave the walls as they were, rather than repairing or replacing them. They were very popular in modern lofts or historical buildings but now as the trend is catching on more and more people are recreating these walls in their homes.

For those who don't have nice brick walls in their homes, but really want to recreate the effects could buy fake brick wallpaper to put on the wall. This website sells these kinds of wallpapers, and if you visit the website you find many pictures of how it looks.. not that bad right? Obviously it wouldn't give the same authentic look.. but it's nice anyway! I also red that some people buy bricks that are cut in half, to build a brick wall against the current wall. Seems to me like quit a good option too? Lastly, for those who do have a nice brick wall that they want to expose I found this clear and easy sounding step by step tutorial on Wikihow: How to expose brick!

Here are 10 amazing interiors with exposed brick walls to show you just how amazing they are:

Are you sold on the idea of having an exposed brick wall in your home as well?

October 18, 2013


Catwalk style, over the knee boots
I'm so exited about all the new seasons fashion trends which come along with a new fashion season, like the oversized coat, that I also wanted to dedicate a blogpost to another Fall 2013 trend I'm exited about.

The over the knee boots are nothing new, but are paired with a fresh new silhouette this season which actually works well with the oversized coat. These thigh high boots definitely have sex appeal, and might be too sexy for some tastes, but certainly don't have to look skanky if styled right. The key to a sophisticated and classy look with such statement making footwear is to keep the rest of your outfit slightly oversized. My absolute favourite combination is the one from Kenza Zouiten (middle picture below) who combines her OTK boots with a chunky blue sweater.

I really like H&M's over the knee leather boots, and apparently they are EXTREMELY popular with fashion bloggers (see first 2 pictures below). I found them yesterday on the USA website in all sizes, and today they are already sold out (they were no where to be found on the Dutch website) ... Luckily plenty other stores sell amazing OTK boots as well!

Fashion over the knee boots, thigh high boots
1. Asos // 2. Zalando // 3. Zalando // 4. Sasha // 5. Asos // 6. Zalando // 7. Asos

Do you already own a pair of OTK boots for this fall? 

October 16, 2013


A little bit more colour might have been nice, but other than that I looove this place! Its located in NYC and belongs to actress Keri Russell and her husband.The amazing details near the ceiling on the wall and those amazing fireplaces, I can only dream of living in a beautiful place like this. And that kitchen table and those awesome chairs with the beautiful chandelier above it, which is also hanging in the living room... I just love the combination and everything comes together so nicely as a whole!

Interior design inspiration, white fireplace Interior design, piano

Interior design, kitchen, stone fireplace

Interior design kitchen inspiration Interior design bathroom inspiration

Interior design, walk in closet

Interior design bedroom inspiration
Pictures from: Elle Decor

October 13, 2013


The good news of the more and more colder weather is that we can play around with new clothes and styles! One of the prominent trends of this Fall/ Winter is the oversized coat. In the beginning of the year the street style it-girls were already rocking the oversized coats during the fashion week, and this season designers from Céline to Alexander Wang have really ramped it up. Even tough I'm usually not loving androgynous styles like this one, I must admit that these coats make quite a statement and would look pretty cool with a pair of ankle boots, a black legging and a  lose fitting blouse with a statement necklace, to balance the masculinity.

Thanks to Simone Rocka pink has become a major fashion colour this season! Marks & Spencer's amazing oversized $85 (pink) 'Duster' style coat was even sold out instantly! Another popular colour this season is emerald green. It has been declared the "it" colour of 2013 in January this year and stayed around till this season. I lastly don't really applaud fur, but fur coats are very popular as well this season as seen at Max Mara, Chloé and Marni. Fur coats seem to make any outfit look sophisticated and chic, and so I really want to have one myself (not from real fur) but I own to many coats already at the moment. urg.

Anyway, the fashion crowd is already fan of this trend but the question remains whether the mass will become as well, as I can totally understand that many might feel like these kinds of coats are not very flattering. Many of the large chain-stores have already introduced commercialized versions of the oversized coat which only have one of two outsize details.

With the right styling anybody can make an oversized coat work. A couple styling tips for wearing an oversized coat:
  • Since the volume on top is already exaggerated, you will not want to wear a wide bottom as well. Instead wear tights, skinny jeans or slim fitting pants, as long as its tight around the ankles. 
  • Wearing a single coloured outfit will make your oversized coat stand out and make it look better. 
  • If you want to wear a dress underneath the coat, it will look best if the length is about the same. 
  • If you're not sure about what length the coat should be, think about what skirt length works for you and take a coat of that length. 
  • Wear ankle boots, loafers or pumps; by accentuating your ankles you will add flair and femininity to your outfit. 
There are many ways to style the oversized coat, but the main idea is to make your legs stand out!