October 22, 2013


Have you noticed how popular exposed brick walls are lately? I see them everywhere and the more I see them, the more I love them! They give spaces a lot of character and charm. Me and my boyfriend are totally sold on the idea of having a brick wall in a future place.. but let's get any place first to begin with..

The exposed brick walls became popular in the late '90's as many people found it far less expensive to leave the walls as they were, rather than repairing or replacing them. They were very popular in modern lofts or historical buildings but now as the trend is catching on more and more people are recreating these walls in their homes.

For those who don't have nice brick walls in their homes, but really want to recreate the effects could buy fake brick wallpaper to put on the wall. This website sells these kinds of wallpapers, and if you visit the website you find many pictures of how it looks.. not that bad right? Obviously it wouldn't give the same authentic look.. but it's nice anyway! I also red that some people buy bricks that are cut in half, to build a brick wall against the current wall. Seems to me like quit a good option too? Lastly, for those who do have a nice brick wall that they want to expose I found this clear and easy sounding step by step tutorial on Wikihow: How to expose brick!

Here are 10 amazing interiors with exposed brick walls to show you just how amazing they are:

Are you sold on the idea of having an exposed brick wall in your home as well?

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  1. I adore these brick walls!! Want one in my next home......