October 5, 2013


Hi everyone, my name is Rachelle and I'm a recent graduate in fashion management living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. As this seems like the worst time ever to look for a job I am left with quite some free time..... a lot of it actually. As a result I spend a lot of time on Pinterest (my Pinterest) and just browsing random inspiring blogs. To feel a bit more productive I've decided to start this blog Colours of Style to share with you my passion for beautiful Fashion & Interior. To start with some positivity I decided to dedicate this first blog post to my new obsession: yellow.

So the other day I visited the yearly 'Woonbeurs' here in Amsterdam, which is basically the largest 'living event' of the Netherlands. I was surprised of how amazing it was and it was so inspiring! Will definitely go again next year! One of the things that caught my eye was the amount of yellow everywhere I looked! It's quit a bald colour, yet it's so easy to incorporate in any interior and fits in so many different styles. Especially now with the days getting shorter and the sky greyer, incorporating such a colour in your interior will immediately bring the sunshine back into your house! You ready, here's some yellow inspiration for you:

Yellow items for interior design inspiration

1. Mini sunburst mirrow // 2. Modern deer antlers digital print set // 3. Chevron cotton pillow // 4. Stockholm carpet // 5. Pair golden yellow ceramic lamps // 6. Brompton tufted wingback velvet uphlolstered bed // 7. Threshold fretwork accent table

How do you feel about yellow? Do you like it or is it too bright for your taste? Thank you for reading my first blogpost! :)

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