October 24, 2013


Some weeks ago I was at River Island with my boyfriend, and while waiting in line for the checkout I saw this amazing little faux leather skirt hanging right next to the checkout. I ditched my stuff in my boyfriends hands and ran over to the skirt only to find there was no size even close to my mine available any more. I've been to the store multiple times ever since, but they don't seem to be receiving them any more so I decided yesterday to see if I could buy it online.. and guess what? Sold out. AWESOME! Even Asos doesn't sell it any more which was quite a bummer. I so badly want it!

Luckily I have a really sweet mother who knows a bit about sowing, and  made me a copy of the skirt herself today! I'm so exited to receive it this weekend and see how it fits!! I made up 3 different looks with the leather skirt that are suitable for this fall. You probably would want to combine it with a thick pair of tights ;) Oh and the picture of the skirt, I got it some time ago of the website.. when I still thought I would find it in store to safe shipping costs.

Fall outfits, leather skirt
Look 1: 1. Topshop (sold out) // 2. Matchbookmag // 3. Ginatricot // 4. Forever21 // 5. Asos
Look 2: 1. Mango // 2. Asos // 3. Weekday // 4.  H&M // 5. Sasha
Look 3: 1. Asos // 2. Asos // 3. Mango // 4. Baublebar // 5. River Island

Do you like these looks, or would you wear the leather skirt (if at all) very differently?


  1. I wish I could wear skirts without looking like a stuffed muffin! You made me want to have those buckle booties from Sascha, they look awesome!! x

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