October 13, 2013


The good news of the more and more colder weather is that we can play around with new clothes and styles! One of the prominent trends of this Fall/ Winter is the oversized coat. In the beginning of the year the street style it-girls were already rocking the oversized coats during the fashion week, and this season designers from Céline to Alexander Wang have really ramped it up. Even tough I'm usually not loving androgynous styles like this one, I must admit that these coats make quite a statement and would look pretty cool with a pair of ankle boots, a black legging and a  lose fitting blouse with a statement necklace, to balance the masculinity.

Thanks to Simone Rocka pink has become a major fashion colour this season! Marks & Spencer's amazing oversized $85 (pink) 'Duster' style coat was even sold out instantly! Another popular colour this season is emerald green. It has been declared the "it" colour of 2013 in January this year and stayed around till this season. I lastly don't really applaud fur, but fur coats are very popular as well this season as seen at Max Mara, Chloé and Marni. Fur coats seem to make any outfit look sophisticated and chic, and so I really want to have one myself (not from real fur) but I own to many coats already at the moment. urg.

Anyway, the fashion crowd is already fan of this trend but the question remains whether the mass will become as well, as I can totally understand that many might feel like these kinds of coats are not very flattering. Many of the large chain-stores have already introduced commercialized versions of the oversized coat which only have one of two outsize details.

With the right styling anybody can make an oversized coat work. A couple styling tips for wearing an oversized coat:
  • Since the volume on top is already exaggerated, you will not want to wear a wide bottom as well. Instead wear tights, skinny jeans or slim fitting pants, as long as its tight around the ankles. 
  • Wearing a single coloured outfit will make your oversized coat stand out and make it look better. 
  • If you want to wear a dress underneath the coat, it will look best if the length is about the same. 
  • If you're not sure about what length the coat should be, think about what skirt length works for you and take a coat of that length. 
  • Wear ankle boots, loafers or pumps; by accentuating your ankles you will add flair and femininity to your outfit. 
There are many ways to style the oversized coat, but the main idea is to make your legs stand out!

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