October 7, 2013


Hello Monday! Hope you all had a great weekend? I've been busy working on the blog to make it look more the way I want to. I got some really positive reactions from those to whom I've shown this blog, so I'm really happy right now and so exited to continue working on it! It's a lot of work but I'm happy with how it's turning out so far.

Anyway, this weekend I got an email from Mango about this new black Mango bag... and I'm in love with it! I've been looking for a new black, medium-sized, classy looking bag for a decent price but that doesn't look too cheap for some time. As I haven't been shopping much lately due to my very limited budget (and I thus try to avoid shops at any cost, as I cant control myself at times), I didn't come across any that fitted all of my criteria yet. This one from Mango however looks perfect but turns out to be rather small.. took me some time to find it on the website as apparently you can't order it yet.. even tough they advertise it with the words 'buy now' next to it..

Black Mango back

I decided to pursue my search for the perfect black, classy looking bag ( I want to be able to take it with me at any occasion, with any jacket I have) and found some really nice onces! All right they are not all within my current budget, but one day they will.. lets hope very soon.

Classic black bag, Fashion bags, Black bags

1. Leopard Haircalf Shopper Bag // 2. Sarto bag // 3. Shopper with metal details // 4. Leather bag with metal tab // 5. Leather shopper with straps // 6. Striped woven tote // 7. Warehouse padlock shopper // 8. January bag by Marc B

Which one is your favourite? 

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