November 4, 2013


The last month of fall just started, and this means the temperatures are dropping fast as were getting closer to winter. Today's temperatures in the Netherlands definitely demanded warm sweaters to stay warm, so I figured a post on fall sweaters would be appropriate! I don't know about you, but at the moment I'm living of a very small budget as I'm still in the search of a job. So small, that when me and my boyfriend found out the supermarket accidentally miss priced some of their frozen pizza's from €3.35 to €0.50 we emptied their fridges! Yes... you guessed right what I'll be eating the coming days! :) Anyway, therefore I picked out 12 decently priced must have fall sweaters for you!

Must have fall sweaters, fall essentials
1. Mango // 2. Boohoo // 3. H&M // 4. Mango // 5. Mango // 6. Mango // 7. Awear //  8. DorothyPerkin // 9. MissSelfridge // 10. MissSelfridge // 11. RiverIsland // 12. MissSelfridge

Are you ready for the cold?

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