November 14, 2013


Yesterday morning I got some AMAZING news!! Namely ...*drum rolls*....... I have a job!!! From December on I will be the new assistant buyer for the jewellery department at the largest department store of the Netherlands (V&D)!!! You have no idea how psyched I am to get started, as this was exactly the job I dreamed of. The only downside is that the job is only for a couple months, but fact remains that this is an amazing opportunity. It's incredibly hard to find a job in the Netherlands as a recent graduate, especially in fashion, so I couldn't be any happier! :)

But, back to today's topic: Winter essentials. There have been a couple super cold days already which required wearing gloves, scarves and maybe even a beanie if you're easily cold like me. So I put together a list of my favourite winter accessories.... soon soon soon I will have a job.. and that means an income and thus I'll be able to buy new stuff! I really want to buy some new scarves, because as all those who know me know: after summer I will not ever be without a scarf until the next summer. I really like the Gray one from Awear, but unfortunately their shipping costs are kind of high to Europe. When it comes to gloves I would advice you leather once, everyone should own at least one pair of them. They might be a bit of an investment, but can last for years of you take good care of them!

1. Topshop // 2. H&M // 3. H&M // 4. H&M // 5. Asos // 6. Accessoirize // 7. Topshop // 8. New Look // 9. Awear // 10. River Island // 11. Mango // 12. Zara // 13. Topshop // 14. Topshop // 15. H&M // 16. Topshop // 17. Asos // 18. Asos // 20 Accessoirize

Do you like these picks? And do you already have all the necessary winter accessories to stay warm or do you still need to buy some? Hopes these picks helps then!

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